Long Term Care insurance Rate Increases - Update

I have personally called every company listed below. On August 6th 2007, the following companies told me that they have NOT raised rates on any of their existing Long Term Care insurance policies in any state. Kudos to these companies!

(763) 765-6500

Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America
(818) 819-2468

Colonial American Life Insurance Company - I've read that they have not, but I cannot confirm, as they wouldn't answer my question over the phone and they have not answered two emails I have sent them.
(800) 872-3044

Combined Insurance Company of America
(800) 999-2170

Cuna Mutual Life Insurance Company
(800) 356-6006

Great American Life Insurance Company
(800) 880-2745

Loyal American Life Insurance Company - This carrier offers some LTCi products that have specific wording in the contract, allowing very small rate increases in certain cases only. According to the representative I spoke with, he has only seen two of these policies that incurred a rate increase. One of those policies had just happened to come across his desk on the day I called, so it was fresh in his mind. The increase for that policy was only $7 per month. As with any long term care insurance policy, read the fine print to make sure you understand exaclty what circumstances could increase your premium.
(800) 633-6752

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
(800) 272-2216

Medamerica Insurance Company
(800) 544-0327

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife) - MetLife has increased its rates for LTCi covering residents of two Continuing Care Retirement Communities. They have not increased rates on policies that were offered by agents to individuals or on any group LTCi that was offered by employers or associations.
(888) 565-3761

New York Life Insurance Company
(800) 224-4582

Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company
(800) 890-6704

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company
(800) 645-4300

Prudential Insurance Company of America
(800) 732-0416

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
(309)766-2311 (Operator# - can only direct you to an agent)

State Life Insurance Company
(800) 428-2316

United Teacher Associates Insurance Company
(800) 880-8824

These companies have raised their rates on existing policies in the past: I have not called these companies, but their rate increases are on record.

Penn Treaty
John Hancock (on the Fortis product line that they took over)
Transamerica (no longer sells LTCi)
Mutual of Omaha
Equitable Life
Continental General
Banker's Life
Provident Life and Accident

National States Insurance Company ( I was informed by an LTCi agent that National did indeed raise their rates in Florida. A National States Insurance Company representative told me over the phone that they had not raised rates anywhere.) Here's their number: (314) 878-0101