PrepSmart is dedicated to helping Americans prepare for their future.

The fact of the matter is, Long Term Care planning can drift to the bottom of the list when it comes to retirement planning.

Only a chance encounter with a competent financial advisor, or a family experience, is enough to push most people into investigating options.

Rarely do financial planners have all the options.  Most advisors only sell a select product, often not the “best of breed” on the market.

Our approach is to look at every product on the market.

Based in Atlanta, GA

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Protecting Your Future

Prepare for your future with Long Term Care coverage from established insurers, many dating back to the 1800s and early 1900s.  Let PrepSmart shop the market for you.

Self Insurance – Cover Yourself?

We explore reasons why it may or may not make sense to simply provide your own savings to pay for

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LTC Annuities

Long-Term Care Annuties allow you to pre-pay your LTC expenses, can tie in to indexed stock market returns to boost

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Hybrid: Life + LTC Bundled

Get a guaranteed return either through Long-Term Care benefits, or as a Life Insurance payment to your beneficiaries.

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Long Term Insurance

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