Long Term Care Insurance and Childishness

Human beings can react to stimuli in a multitude of ways. The issues and images surrounding long term care can be complex and somewhat unpleasant. No one really wants to think, hear or talk about it. Understandably, some people react using predictably simple avoidance responses. For instance:

"It won't happen to me." (See: LTC Statistics)
"I'll kill myself first." (See: Suicide Rationalization)
"My kids will take care of me." (See: Family Realities)
"My spouse will take care of me."
"The government will take care of me."
"I'll wait a few years, months, weeks until I need it more."(Look where that got me!)
"I'll just give everything to my kids, then go on welfare." (See: Medicaid Impact)
"I can't afford it."
"I have enough money to handle this on my own."
( ...Cool. Then common-sense coverage can protect those assets for your estate. That's what insurance is for, right? )

Psychologists know that each of these very natural responses comes from a childlike place inside each of us where we struggle to cope with difficult choices adults must make. We deny, we procrastinate, we depend on others, we make excuses, we make generalizations and use wishful thinking. We'll do just about anything to avoid dealing realistically with the issues at hand.

What if they continue to make excuses until it's too late? It could be that those people will never be protected. How will that scenario affect their families? Remember, "Retirement is survival of the wisest."
As the scouts say, "Be prepared."