Are there still compelling reasons to own long term care insurance given today's circumstances? Our answer is yes, and you may find you agree…

First of all, virus or not, when care is needed, long term care insurance pays out. This gives you the power of choice in where care is received (the setting) and in the quality of care received.

The vast majority of people prefer to receive long term care is in their home, if at all possible. The next best care setting is a high-end care facility, one that charges enough to maintain a SAFE, CLEAN ENVIRONMENT, while providing enough top-notch, dedicated staff to meet their residents’ physical, mental and emotional care needs.

In any event, decent care costs a pretty penny, possibly $10,000/month or more…

Well-off folks want to protect their assets, but many people simply can't afford such care for more than a few months. When the money runs out, there is a big risk of being moved to a, assisted living or skilled nursing facility that primarily accepts Medicaid (welfare)… and nobody wants to be in "one of those places".

Here’s where long term care insurance comes to the rescue. LTC insurance can help pay for home care, which will drastically limit exposure to infectious diseases. If for some reason you can’t stay home, it can help pay for a facility with high care standards.

Either way, long term care insurance can not only protect your assets, it can help protect your life. CoVid-19 is making it clear that now is the time for you to get an LTCI quote.


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