Long Term Care Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Long Term Care?

  • Long Term Care: Any service or services that people receive when they need help during a long term illness or disability, whether it be physical or cognitive. These services typically include any activity of daily living.

  • Personal or custodial care: Help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLS) such as bathing, dressing, eating, transferring or toileting and sometimes meal preparation. This care can be provided within one's home, in an assisted living or nursing facility or even in an adult day care center.

  • Instruction or supervisory care: Verbal reminders to accomplish everyday activities, such as banking or paying bills. This care is provided when folks have cognitive impairments.
    Long Term Care can include skilled nursing care and is provided by nurses, therapists and other medical personnel. Skilled long term care is usually 24 hours and day and is initiated by a doctor's orders. Most folks needing skilled nursing care are in a nursing facility, but you can receive it at home, depending upon the extent of one's care needs. (read more)

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    Who needs Long Term Care insurance?
    We think everyone should have LTCi protection - just in case - (click here), but unfortunately, only some people can afford it. While there are less expensive LTCi products being offered recently, premiums can still break some people's budget. You will want to speak with a LTCi specialist broker to find out what your options may be.