Don't Be Fooled By So-Called "Instant Quote" Websites. Here's why...!

While some lines of insurance can be quoted automatically online, long term care insurance is most certainly NOT one of those lines.

No website will give you apples-to-apples online quote comparisons for your unique circumstances. They may show you 2 or 3 policies that apply to your age, how many days elimination period you choose and how much of a per day payout you want, but the generic quotes they show may not be with companies that offer the "best" options for you. won't waste your time with meaningless quotes. The easiest and fastest way to get the information you want about long term care insurance is to speak directly with an LTC insurance specialist who can help you choose the most appropriate policy for you.

Why can't you get instant, thorough, automatic, comparative LTCi quotes online, like car insurance? Well, there are at least two reasons why LTC insurance quotes cannot be automated…

1. Product Complexity - Long term care insurance coverage is pieced together from many complex options which are best discussed with a licensed specialist who knows the laws, companies and policies in your particular state. It's never "one size fits all", so generic quotes are basically meaningless.

2. Suitability Laws - Unlike other types of insurance, state laws require that a licensed insurance agent determine whether your selected long term care coverage is uniquely suitable for you. Since LTCi is so complex, these laws have been made to protect you from buying a policy that may not provide the coverage that you want or need.

Also, from the parameters within each policy, any pro can quote a cheap proposal that will pull you into their sales system for a later "up-sell". If that up-sell is appropriate and suitable, then fine, but there are predator agents out there who can pull the wool over your eyes and trick you into "high-commission" policies. Some may also try to switch you to buying a different policy, by offering you a lesser priced, lesser benefit policy, even though you've already purchased from a reliable broker. Not cool.

However, if you have NOT purchased from a reliable broker and you question the efficacy of your current policy, then you might want to have it looked over by an LTCi specialist broker.

These are the reasons why we are so proud of PrepSmart's Buyer's Advocate Alliance; the free, cost-saving, advisory service staffed by a tight-knit network of friendly, savvy, LTC insurance brokers. They are renowned as unbiased, independent and experienced long term care insurance experts dedicated to radical honesty.

Just see for yourself. Submit a comparative quote request now.