Want to be a Burden on your Family?

Didn't think so...

In order to avoid an undesirable or expensive nursing home, people often move in with their children. This situation creates several serious problems. So, when your children say, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you." Consider the following issues:

  • Children have their own jobs and chores to do. Many caregivers must juggle work, family and caregiving duties. Something's gotta give and it's usually their jobs (some caregivers must give up their jobs entirely), which is why some employers are now offering group plans to their employees.

  • Expensive outside caregiving professionals are eventually needed to help out.

  • Your children must now reverse roles to become your overseers. You now become the dependent child of your own children.

  • Your children could then have good reason and cause to gain control of your finances.

  • Family caregivers experience the highest rates of clinical depression.

  • Caregivers under stress die an average of 4 years younger than non-caregivers.

One Solution: Why not put your own plans in place ahead of time. If they can afford it, many people feel more at ease owning an insurance policy to pay for additional in-home caregivers, assisted living, adult care homes, etc. This way nobody is out of pocket for the huge costs of additional care, your family can continue with their normal lives and there is no cause for anyone to prematurely meddle or interfere in your financial affairs - very smart planning if done early on.