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Long Term Care Insurance Overview - Exactly what is it?

Group LTC Insurance or Individual Plan - Which is right for you?

Long Term Care Insurance Comparisons: Premium Ranges - Get a general feeling for insurance price variations in long term care protection and tailor your plan to your specific needs.

What to look for in an LTCi company and policy

Rank the Long Term Care Insurance Companies
How to conduct a background check on any insurance Carrier

Long Term Care insurance Coverage
Make any long term care insurance policy fit like a glove

Long Term Care Insurance Comparisons Cost Analysis
Leading long term care causes and break-even analysis

Cost of Long Term Care per State
Most recent survey in 2006

What Are The Long Term Care Odds?
Decide based on the published long term care statistics

How to cut your premium costs

Long term care insurance Policies: Tax Qualified or Non Tax Qualified?
That is the question....

Family issues:

Women at Risk - LTC: A Women's Issue: Why?

Our Own Families - Here's how we know of which we speak ...

A Possible Burden - Long term care is no picnic for the family.

Long Term Caregiving Decisions - An emotional toll

Consumer Strategies: Childishness

Governmental & Other Long Term Care Funding Options:

Long Term Care Financing - The government, insurance and you

Insurance vs. Investing? - Too risky & it doesn't work out?

The Amazing Medicare Loophole - Medicaid partially pays 100 days only for short-term rehabilitation. The rest of the burden is yours to bear.

The Death of Medicaid - No longer a tool for asset planning.

2005 Deficit Reduction Act - Uncle Sam sqeezes Medicaid "planning" options.

Federal Employee Group Plan - is it for you?

Suicide - A financial planning tool ?

Who To Trust Regarding Long Term Care Insurance:

Long Term Care Insurance Planning - Whose advice should we heed?

Suze Orman & Long Term Care insurance - The controversy continues: Is she telling enough?

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