Some Thought-Provoking Long Term Care Statistics

None of us have a crystal ball, so we can't know for sure if we will ever need long term care. However, it is said that you won't need it if you die young enough. The longer you live, the higher your chances become for needing care.

Long Term Care

  • For a couple turning 65, there is a 70% chance that one of them will need long-term care.
    - Wall Street Journal

  • As the Baby boomers age, the number keeps rising. Now experts say that 65% of people over 75 need long term care. The average facility stay for older folks is about 3 years.
    - Business Week
    (This is nursing home only stay estimate and does not include home care or assisted living, which usually come first.)

  • 97% of people over age 85 require assistance in the last year of life. - The LTC Report

  • Singles are at risk, because they're usually not with someone who can properly care for them. The same is true for wives who tend to oulast their husbands by seven year average.; - JB Quinn

Why Insure?

  • Over 50% of all people entering a care situation are penniless within one year. - Harvard University

  • Tax breaks for premiums highlight Washington's firm support of private insurance. - U.S. Center for Disease Control

  • By 2018, a private room will cost over $500/day ($188,000/year). - LTCIP Academy