People can be very off-put by the idea of planning for the end of life and or old age and needing assistance. This can be even more difficult for those closest to it. People can become scared and abrasive when coming to terms with having to leave responsibilities to the next of kin. This does not have to be stressful though. With long-term insurance companies and independent agents who are here to help you through that last journey, you’ll never be alone. Don’t wait until it’s too late. 

Commonly used avoidance phrases to push off planning for your future long-term care needs.

Examples of these can sound like:

“This couldn’t happen to me”

“My family will care for me”

“My retirement should be enough”

“That’s what welfare is for”

“I’ll die before I ever need it”

“The government can care for me”

“I’m still too young to think about after retirement”

Ask any psychologist and they’ll tell you they know each of these reactions comes directly from an immature place of fear inside each of us where we struggle to deal with our life’s difficult choices that all adults must make. People deny, procrastinate, and depend on others in order to avoid thinking and planning for themselves. We often generalize and use wishful thinking when speaking of the future instead of planning for the multiple possibilities we may face. 

An independent agent can be there for you every step of the way. You don’t have to plan all of this alone.  From the research to the signing of the policy, a good agent will be by your side every step of the way.

Don’t keep making excuses until it’s too late. If everyone waited until they needed it then no one would ever be able to get coverage. Think about how that will affect your family members. Can they afford to take care of you emotionally and or financially? 

The first step is research and finding an agent. After that, you’ll receive the top long-term care quotes to compare and go over with whoever you want. Once you find the company with the price and coverage that best fits your needs, you’ll sit down and answer e-application questions over the phone with your agent and that’s when the underwriting process begins. Underwriting is when the insurance company goes over your past and current medical history and will speak with any doctors you have seen. Once the underwriting process is complete and you’ve been approved, then your agent will ship you over your policy to look over one last time and sign the policy. As soon as you sign the policy and send over the first premium check or have the deposit taken out of your account then your coverage will begin. 

Don’t procrastinate on this process. Only you can take the first step in planning for your future care. Save yourself and your family the hassle of making last-minute plans by starting your planning today.