Many websites can now give you apples to apples comparisons with online quotes emailed personally to you for you. They can show you as many quotes as needed while comparing the best options out there. Many companies will do the leg work for you per say. They will compare all the best companies and send you your top three or four options that are able to give you better coverage than the others.

Where Do You Go to Get Quotes?

Any reputable independent insurance company’s website should have a quote engine available for you to get started. After inputting your information an agent should reach out to ask you a few important questions about your age, health and marital status. After that some companies will send you a printed summary and breakdown of the available policies directly to your front door for you to go through or maybe they might just email you the quotes if you prefer. 

Getting quotes is as easy as emailing your trusted independent agent simple information about yourself or your spouse if you are shopping on their behalf. Children can even shop for their parents. 

What Information is Needed to Get Quotes?

An independent agent will need a few things of information from you before giving you an accurate set of quotes. An agent should ask you to answer four questions.

  • Do you partake in any form of Nicotine or Tobacco?
  • Do you take any medication for any conditions you may have and what condition that may be if any?
  • What is your current height and weight?
  • What is your marital status? (single/married)

Things like smoking status and health have huge impacts in the premium rates and approval odds.. Some companies do not have smoker and nonsmoker rates, but many do as well as many require the information in order to know whether you qualify for a premium or standard plan. This is decided by those four main questions and allows your agent to give you the proper numbers detailing to you personally.

Are Quotes the Same for Every Individual?

Simply put, no. Quotes depend on your age, health, and marital status as well as what state you reside in. Not all companies are offered in each state and because of that some states give you more options and better premium rates and care coverage. Your top companies and policy options should not be the same as your significant others or your neighbors down the street even. Your long term care policy is made precisely for you and your future needs.

Can Any Agent Show Apples to Apples Quotes?

Any agent can show you quotes, but if the agent is for instance a Nationwide agent they will only want to show you that company’s options whereas an independent agent can show you Nationwide quotes as well as others that may be better suited for you or may have lower premium fees or better coverage.

Using an independent agent who works with the top companies in the USA is the best way to ensure you’re looking at the best possible apples to apples comparisons for your financial needs as well as your long term care needs. If you go directly to a specific agent they will only be able to show you the company they represent causing you to miss out on other opportunities that could be better for you. You can click on the link in this website’s homepage and get connected with an independent agent today. Just look for the START FREE QUOTE button on the home page. You can talk directly with an agent through the phone or email today and get your quote comparisons free to you.